Buy Groceries Online?

If you haven’t tried Kroger Click List or Walmart Grocery Pickup, you are missing out. I haven’t been to the store for an actual grocery trip in 5 weeks and it has been a wonderful time saver (and more importantly, a money saver)! We’re all busy people, and sometimes (okay, most of the time) stopping at a crowded grocery store after work to do the week’s shopping is not exactly most people’s idea of fun.

Publix will always be my hands down favorite grocery store, where shopping truly is a pleasure, however their prices are not so pleasurable. Enter Kroger. Not all Krogers are created equally, but I do enjoy shopping there for a variety of reasons. Plus, they have a great organic/natural foods and products section. The downside to Kroger is I generally feel a bit chaotic when myself and everyone else who got off work at 5pm is in the store. If we want to get even more bang for our grocery buck, there is Walmart. Yes, Walmart. Where shopping is, shall we say, generally less than pleasurable? Yes, they have great prices, and yes, I can buy more than groceries while I’m there, but you must dodge fellow shoppers, skirt mid aisle displays, and stand in a slow moving line to check out.


But, with online shopping, I can now happily shop at Kroger and Walmart. Here’s my pro’s and con’s of each, to help you decide if this might be for you!

Kroger Pro’s:

  1. Order produce by quantity (i.e. 5 apples)
  2. Can put comments for each item (i.e. specify green bananas)
  3. Website is easy to navigate and automatically saves your recently purchased items
  4. Automatically is supposed to use digital coupons on your Kroger card
  5. You can still use your Kroger card
  6. If they are out of something you want, they substitute (with your permission) an equivalent item, but will always give you the cheaper price
  7. When you pick up your groceries, they will review your list with you and okay any substitutes
  8. They will pull out bread and eggs to put in the front with you, if you desire
  9. They send surveys that you can complete for extra fuel points
  10. Produce has been fresh, I’ve been happy with expiration dates on meat and dairy
  11. You can edit your order up to 11:59 pm the night before you plan to pick up your order

Kroger Con’s:

  1. Must order by 11:59 pm the night before you want to pick up your groceries (though I believe a select few stores now offer same day pick up)
  2. Can’t pay with cash (though understandable for safety reasons), I know a lot of people like to use Dave Ramsey methods
  3. $4.95 service charge after your first 3 visits (free)
  4. I’ve made identical lists on Kroger and Walmart twice, and Walmart has been cheaper both times
  5. Prices may change – i.e. if you make your order on Monday, and plan to pick up on Thursday; the total may change when the new ad’s come out on Wednesday.

Walmart Pro’s:

  1. Is less expensive than Kroger
  2. You pay when you complete your order. So if the price did change on an item, you aren’t charged the new price (I don’t believe)
  3. Unit price is shown for each item
  4. You can purchase a good variety of items from the rest of the store
  5. Produce has been fresh, I’ve been happy with expiration dates on meat and cheese
  6. Website is easy to navigate
  7. Same day pick up as long as you order at least 4 hours in advance
  8. No service fee
  9. They will pull out bread/eggs to put in the front with you if you desire
  10. You can edit your order up to 11:59 pm the night before

Walmart Con’s:

  1. Order produce by the pound (i.e. 2 pounds of apples). It does give you a guideline, such as a pound of apples may be 2-3 apples, but I’ve gotten a good deal more/less than I was expecting several times and I don’t find the guideline to be terribly accurate.
  2. Can’t use coupons, at least as far as I know.
  3. Can’t put comments for produce i.e. if you want green vs ripe bananas
  4. Not as many organic items as Kroger
  5. Can’t pay with cash.
  6. They review your list when you get there and go over any substitutes, but I’m not sure what they do with pricing for subbed items since you pay when you place you order

Bottom line, I’m happy with both services. I do prefer Kroger, because its not Walmart, but I would recommend either service. I have found that I save money, since you see your running total as you place items in your cart….definitely cuts down on impulse purchases! With both stores, it has been less than 10 minutes from when I pull up until I leave. Much quicker than going  into the store that is for sure! Do yourself a favor and try it!

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