Spring Cleaning

You often wouldn’t be able to tell by looking at my house (my closet especially), but I really do love order and neatness. I tend to get, for lack of better words, overwhelmed by the task ahead of me, and put off anything that will take more than 5-10 minutes for later. I am currently working my way through our house room by room and deep cleaning, sorting, and organizing.  I am by no means minimalist (look at my closet and bookshelves for proof), but I appreciate many things about minimalism. I have worked through our living room and am now working on our bedroom. Next up: the kitchen and my part of the multi-purpose room.

My goal is to get rid of (sell/Goodwill/friends) things that I have not (and will likely not) used or things I just don’t like all that much. When it comes to my possessions, I am the queen of “I might use it some day”. Let’s be honest: if I haven’t liked it enough to wear in the past 2 years (or even 1 year), there’s a 99.9% chance I won’t like it enough to wear it next year either. Same thing goes for craft supplies. I have held on to many things because I have the best intentions of using them some day, but some of them most likely need to go. If they cost less than $5-10 dollars, I can buy them again one day 3 years from now when I decide to use them. Books are another thing I tend to accumulate. As someone who enjoys reading a physical book more than an ebook, collecting books over time is inevitable and I am okay with that. I do want to sort through them though and find a new home for those I will likely not read again. More importantly, I want to restore law and order to the bookshelves in our bedroom, and maybe store some books away for now.

I am pretty happy with our kitchen. I go through the pantry every  couple months, and have been good about keeping it organized since my last re-organization around Christmas. I went through all our our cabinets back in the fall and every thing is still living in its happy home. I must admit I was very briefly tempted to re-home 90% of our dishes last week (there are 2 of us and we don’t have a dishwasher, so we never get to the bottom of the stack of plates. Or knives. Or lots of other things). I gave in to reason and will keep our dishes because one day I will be glad I can have 8 friends over and give everyone an actual plate. More likely, I will have almost all of them in my dishwasher and need those last 2 plates for dinner that night. I am however still not sure why I wanted 8 teacups and saucers…..I’ll have to think about those. In the kitchen, my main goal is to deep clean.

My ultimate goal is for everything to have a place, and a place that makes sense. If we won’t use it, we don’t need it. If I don’t like it, it definitely doesn’t need to take up space in my closet. I plan to come up with a practical cleaning/organizing schedule that is easy to keep up with in a few minutes a day. I do have a sentimental side, and that leads me to hang on to a lot of things. I have packed my childhood and college possessions into 2 Rubbermaid bins though, and am happy with that for now. One day, I may pare that down more because I certainly do not need those items (my sister is cheering loudly right about now), but I do believe it is okay to sparingly keep sentimental items.

I will report back in a few weeks with my progress, and my new cleaning schedule! Happy cleaning!

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